Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Coming Soon

Modding Naite..
Kebetulan HP ane Naite, googling and kaskusing eh ternyata nemu tutorial tuk modding nih HP..
Ane pelajarin en praktekin dulu, klo dah berhasil baru ane share... CMIIIW..

Minggu, 27 Februari 2011

The Lost Symbol Indonesia

Robert Langdon, sang simbolog genius yang berhasil memecahkan Da Vinci Code, kembali hadir dalam petualangan berbahaya yang penuh teka-teki. Undangan ceramah di Gedung Capitol, Washington, DC, berubah menjadi undangan kematian. Seseorang meletakkan simbol Tangan Misteri yang dibuat dari penggalan tangan Peter Solomon, sahabat dan mentor Langdon, sekaligus tokoh penting Persaudaraan Mason.

Sang penculik Peter meminta Langdon memecahkan kode-kode kelompok rahasia Mason yang melindungi sebuah lokasi di Washington, DC. Lokasi penyimpanan kebijakan tertinggi umat manusia, yang konon akan membuat pemegangnya mampu mengubah dunia.


Tau nggak maksudnya Blog Dofollow?  Blog dofollow itu adalah blog dimana blog yang sudah dihilangi atribut nofollownya pada komentar. Manfaatnya apa emang?

Jadi, dengan blog dofollow, misalnya kita berkomentar pada suatu blog, link kita otomatis akan terindeks oleh mesin pencari. Dan kenapa bisa ada banyak orang yang berkomentar di blog dofollow?

Semakin kita meninggalkan komentar di blog dofollow maka kita sama saja dengan mempromosikan blog kita. Banyak blogger di dunia telah menyebarluaskan gerakan ini dengan memasang penanda banner U Comment I Follow di blog mereka yang berarti dengan menghilangkan nofollow maka kamu telah mengundang banyak orang untuk berkomentar di blog kamu.

Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Strange, Odd, and Weird

Someday, I wake up from my long sleep. It was still dawn. I slowly realized where I was. I wasn't in my home. Strange place. A big and dark toilet. I didn't know surely what just happened. Why could I was there. What place that I never knew. The last thing I remembered, I was reading a novel. Umm, maybe I fell asleep and dream. Yeah, it was only dream. I tried to wake me up then. But, uh, I can't. I had tried to wash my face again and again. But I was still in this odd dream.

 "Well, that's okay. Just go on this dream, Afif!" I cheered.

Then my attention turned to a question, how i could be out of this toilet. After a little walking and searching, I found the way out. I decided to exit.
Outside, I saw men and women. They are walking. But not walking ahead as people usually did. They were walking behind! Weird! OK, I would ask someone.

"Excuse me, Sir. Can you help me to tell where we were? I got lost."
"shiT sI drawkcaB dlroW." He answered.
"Pardon? I don't know what you said. Can you speak English?"
"tI sI hsilgnE! ouY tsuJ yrT oT klaT drawkcaB."
I confused..
"Huh, you didn't help at all." I complained.
"Huh.." He went Away
"Weird people. They don't know what I say. Neither I do."

So, I had no choice. I just went along the street. There were many questions in my head. Those were very annoying. Just made me more and more confused. After walk for ten minutes, I stopped. It because I saw a strange door next the phone box. It's written "Chamber of Secret".  I wondered where the door would bring me. I came closer. I got in.

I arrived in another strange world. Everything there was opposite. I mean up was down and also down was up. "But, it's only a dream." I amazed.

I don't know how it could be. I didn't understand how to stand and walk there. I only could be amused. I confused again. I was there and just do nothing. Until.. until I saw someone. He came to me and introduced himself. He asked me to accompanied him to take a look.
Satisfied had looked everything. He asked us to rest at the very long chair. It's about 100 meters in length. After that, he immidietly disappeared without say anything.

"How he could be..?" I confused.
"It's all non-sense. What was it mean?"
Then there was a sound. A very loud sound (or voice?) which answered my question.
Oh, actually it's my mom's voice. And yeah, those worlds were only dream. Strange dream as strange as this story. ???